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Michelle Riley, LMHC
Owner, Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Therapist

Michelle is a Kripalu Yoga Teacher Association member and has been teaching yoga for 17 years. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics through the University of Rhode Island and Masters and CAGS from Salve Regina in Holistic Counseling and is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.  Michelle is a counselor/ Social Worker in addictions and mental health and has been in the field for several years. She is certified in Reiki levels 1 & 2 and in angel therapy.

Gentle Yoga, Basic Yoga, Candlelit Yoga

Jaime has been practicing yoga for 6 years. She first began the practice as a way to calm the mind from a very busy, on-the-go lifestyle. It wasn’t long after she noticed the numerous benefits yoga had to offer. She received her 200hr certification in 2018 through All That Matters in Wakefield. Since then she has been teaching yoga at various studios offering a safe, welcoming space for all students. She enjoys introducing the practice of yoga to beginners, though all levels are always welcome. Her classes promote calmness, clarity, strength, and balance to the mind and body. Jaime also works as an Elementary Teacher Assistant and loves bringing yoga into the classroom. In her free time she enjoys being out in nature, playing guitar, going to the beach, or just enjoying some downtime with her kitty, Gus. Follow Jaime’s journey and stay up to date with her classes on Instagram at @yogawithjaime.

Gentle and Basic Yoga

Carole is a 200-hour certified teacher through the Pranotthan School of Yoga and All That Matters, with Devarshi Steven Hartman.  Her yoga journey began almost 20 years ago right here at Simplify, and she is honored to be part of this wonderful community as a teacher.  She encourages light-hearted fun and exploration in her classes, which are suitable for all levels.

Vinyasa Yoga

Crystal has been teaching yoga since 2008 with 200hr certifications from YogaWorks and Yogaslackers. As a Physical Therapist Assistant, she uses her extensive training to incorporate a mix of alignment focused flows, challenges and a little bit of silliness to her classes. You can expect to gain flexibility, build strength and have a good laugh in a relaxed atmosphere.

Ellen E.
Mobility Yoga

Ellen is a 200 hour Yoga certified instructor with an extensive fitness background. She has been certified as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor through the American Council on Exercise since 1991. She has worked as a fitness and wellness director in addition to training clients in their homes. She came to Yoga 25 years ago looking for new ways to challenge her students and clients and instead found the balance of Yoga made a profound difference in own life. Ellen believes that Yoga is for everyone! There is a style of Yoga that can suit each individual regardless of Physical abilities. All levels are welcome in her class!

Ellen W.
Ellen Photo.JPG
Basic Yoga, Flow + Restore

Ellen discovered yoga through a course during her senior year of college. The course offered an introduction to yoga philosophy, breathing practices, physical practice, and meditation. At the time she was suffering from depression and she found her burgeoning practice to be a source of hope and healing. From then on, Ellen always comes back to her mat to reconnect with herself and has found a sense of belonging in many studios across the country. Ellen has completed two 200 hour yoga teacher training courses and continues to deepen her knowledge of the practice through many outlets. Ellen’s classes will focus on tuning into the present moment and the sensations in the body through gentle movement and longer held stretches. Off of her mat, Ellen loves being outdoors, listening to music, and gardening. Ellen’s goal is to  bring connection, peace, and healing to her community through the practice of yoga.

Website, Marketing, Social Media

A former Zumba and Yoga teacher at Simplify, Emma now works behind the scenes, managing marketing and online presence. Simplify was the first place she ever took a yoga class and it changed her life! She is honored to have taught classes here for almost ten years and is grateful to stay connected to this amazing community with her current work. Make sure to follow her work on Simplify's social media or you can connect with her personally at @emmanajia on Instagram.

Slow Flow, Gong Bath Meditation

Jaclyn discovered the healing power of yoga at a time where she was struggling to balance a full time career and being the mother of two beautiful children. She received her 200 hour certification in Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Raffa Yoga and has gone one to study many things including trauma sensitive yoga and MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction). Through her own positive transformation, Jaclyn felt compelled to share the gifts she found with others and began teaching yoga full time. Find out more at and follow her on Instagram at @yogawithjaclyn.


I love teaching Zumba classes. The reason is simple: Every class feels like a party! Come join me and you'll see what I mean. You don't even have to know how to dance. Just move your body and follow my lead. It's easy! Come try it, I guarantee you will have a blast! I look forward to meeting you!


Kelly has been teaching her passion and love for Zumba since 2013! She is licensed to teach Zumba for both children and adults, and currently brings her Zumba joy and enthusiasm for the children at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence. She also holds a BS in Recreational Therapy and has an avid passion for adaptive sports and working with people with a variety of abilities. Her goal is to bring happiness, joy and empowerment to all of her classes while fusing Latin and other world rhythms for the most upbeat experience. Come join in on the FUN while getting in an effective workout with Kelly at the same time!

Gentle and Basic Yoga

Kim is a Certified Yoga Teacher through Integrative Yoga Therapy and holds a Landscape Design Degree from the University of Rhode Island. From her professional work in horticulture, which Kim has done for the past 20 years, she learned the need for balance. Over the years she has enjoyed aerobics and pilates but found Yoga fascinating and restorative, and so, became a teacher to share it’s great benefits. Kim’s approach to her Yoga classes involves basic postures (asanas) with a gentle touch and maximum reach that strike a balance between activity and relaxation. Kim is inspired to share compassion and self-acceptance from her own yoga practice with her students.

Slow Flow, Gentle Yoga

I am a 2017 graduate Pranotthan School of Yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for approximately 6 years. I started practicing yoga to help ease some major pain issues from various injuries and arthritis. I have been teaching a gentle yoga class at Simplify since June of 20I7. I teach various stretching exercises and some postures throughout my class so you can gain strength and flexibility.

Slow Flow

Maria is a 200-hour certified YogaFit Instructor.

I have been blessed with yoga since 2008 when I became pregnant at 40! It has been a game-changer for me. I came to it as a person of faith who struggled with depression and postpartum depression. The breath of life is so very powerful. It is the essence of life. I am honored to share the practice of yoga with others.

Basic Yoga

Rebecca began to regularly practice yoga in 2013 while living in Boston. She quickly saw it as a way to calm her mind and build her strength while living in a fast-paced city. As her practice grew, so did her love for yoga. After building her own personal practice for 8 years, Rebecca decided she wanted to help others find their own inner peace as well. In 2021, she received her 200hr yoga teaching training from Breathe For Change and in 2022 completed a Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training with Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center. Rebecca aims to bring her learnings of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment to her classes. Through her energetic flows, Rebecca's goal is to have her students leave class feeling energized, strong and balanced. 

Basic Yoga

Renee is a 200hr Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. She enjoys sharing the physical and mental benefits with her students. Renee is a down to earth instructor who is not afraid to open up and inform her students about the practice. She started taking yoga to reduce stress and feel better about her body. She is a perfect example of someone who took a chance trying a new thing with yoga and found that it changed her life.


Rhonda is certified Pilates instructor and has been teaching for over 7 years. She loves teaching Pilates because it gives her the opportunity to share something she really enjoy with people of all ages! Pilates focuses on core strength and stability which is essential for healthy backs and for maintaining healthy movement in our every day lives.

Basic Yoga

Rob has been practicing since 2011, and received  RYT® 200-hour certification in Integrative Yoga Therapy at One Yoga Center in Foster, RI in 2021. A retired music professor who came to yoga later in life, his approach to yoga seeks to develop balance at all levels. Participants may finder greater flexibility and range of motion,
increased stamina and resilience, firmer grounding, a stronger core, and increased concentration. Growth in these areas is cultivated not by pushing and striving against the body/mind’s limitations, but through clearheaded awareness and acceptance of what’s actually present on the mat, moment by moment.

Zumba, Zumba Gold

Stephanie has had a passion for dancing from a very early age. She studied classical dance for 16 years at various studios around Rhode Island. When she found Zumba 7 years ago, she fell in love! She is dedicated to bringing the joy and freedom of dance to her students with fun and easy to follow steps anyone can do. She aslo has a BA in early childhood education and loves working with children. 

tricia 2021_edited.jpg

Tricia is a dedicated student and teacher of yoga and living in the flow. Tricia offers a creative, energetic and lighthearted approach to yoga. She has over 30 years of experience in group fitness and 20 years in yoga which she utilizes to provide guidance, encouragement and open space to students for self-exploration and transformation.
Tricia received her 500 hour certification through All That Matters with Coral Brown. Tricia is a 500 RYT certified Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher, created by Shiva Rea. She has also been fortunate to have studied with international teachers such as Sean Corne, Ana Forrest, Bryan Kest, Baron Baptiste and many other well respected teachers. Tricia feels blessed to be able to teach yoga, and help her students grow. May you always live full of life, free from tension, with an open, happy heart!

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