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Coventry, Rhode Island's original yoga studio

What's New at Simplify

Meditation Pop Ups

Jaime will be offering TWO amazing meditations in March!

Yoga Nidra + Sound Escape

By targeting alpha brain waves, this guided yoga nidra (Yogic sleep) meditation will deeply relax you from the inside out. Allow soothing sound vibrations to cleanse and release stress, anxiety and tension.

Saturday, March 4



Reiki + Sound Infused Yoga for Mental Balance

This blend of yoga asana practice, individual reiki energy healing and restorative meditation will allow you to reset and clear body, mind and spirit. All participants will receive a special gift!

Friday, March 31



$5 Community Class

Join us one Sunday a month to try a new class, experience a new teacher, or just get your week started off right with some extra time on the mat. This month, join Lisa for a luxurious Gentle Yoga practice. This accessible, slow moving practice is perfect for absolutely everyone. If you or someone you know has been wanting to try yoga but isn't sure where to start, this is a great class to attend! And, it's only $5 to drop in.

Sunday, March 19 

Gentle Yoga with Lisa



Learn more here!

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Breathwork Journey

Treat yourself to a high-vibe BREAK-FREE BREATHWORK experience that will help reduce stress and anxiety, and unlock your full potential. Through the power of the breath, you'll tap into your manifesting powers and align with your true purpose, catapulting your personal and professional growth to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to break free from limitations and step into your greatness! 

Friday, March 10


Learn more and register here!

Gong Bath Healing

While there is no actual water involved, our gong baths are a cleansing experience! This ancient healing practice is the perfect antidote to a stressful and hectic lifestyle. All you have to do is sit (or lay) back, relax, and let the sound vibrations of the gong "wash" over you. These sessions give you the opportunity to let go of anything you no longer need to carry and heal from the inside out. No experience is necessary. Wear comfortable clothes you can stretch and relax in.

Friday, March 24




Slow Flow with Lisa - 9am

Gentle Yoga with Kim - 5pm

Basic Yoga with Renee - 7pm


Basic Yoga with Carole - 9am

Slow Flow with Tricia - 4:30pm

Slow Flow with Jaclyn - 6pm


Mobility Yoga with Ellen E. - 9:30am

Yoga 101 with Ellen E. - 11am

Flow + Tone with Rebecca - 4:30 pm

Flow + Restore with Ellen W. - 7pm


Slow Flow with Lisa - 9am

Gentle Yoga with Kim - 5:30pm

30 min Guided Sound Healing Meditation with Jaime $5- 7pm


Slow Flow with Jaclyn - 9am

Slow Flow with Tricia - 5pm

Basic Yoga with Jaime - 8:30am
Basic Yoga with Ellen W. - 10am 
Basic Yoga with Renee - 8am
Gentle Yoga with Michelle - 9:30am

Weekly Schedule

Drop In Class - $14  •  6 Class Card - $65 (expires in one year)  •  1 Month Unlimited - $100

There is no online booking or pre-registration for classes. Just drop in at the studio!

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