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Coventry, Rhode Island's original yoga studio

What's New at Simplify

Meditation Pop Ups

Join Jaime this month for Yoga Nidra + Sound Healing ! Yoga Nidra is a powerful meditation practice known as "yogic sleep". Targeting alpha brain waves, this guided practice allows the body and mind to deeply relax and release. Once the body is settled, Jaime will use sound healing to help "clear away" residual tension, stress and anxiety. Give yourself this beautiful opportunity to reset and clear body, mind and spirit. 

Saturday, April 13



Community Class

We are so excited to be able to offer this once more for our amazing, well, community. This is a great way to:

  • ​Try a new style class

  • Try a new teacher

  • Introduce a friend or family member to yoga

  • Get an extra helping of yoga in your week!


This month, join Renee for her new, super fun, all levels class, Flow with the 80's!

Flow with the 80's with Renee

Saturday, April 20


Yoga on Rocks_edited.jpg
Gong Bath

While there is no actual water involved, our gong baths are a cleansing experience! This ancient healing practice is the perfect antidote to a stressful and hectic lifestyle. All you have to do is sit (or lay) back, relax, and let the sound vibrations of the gong "wash" over you. These sessions give you the opportunity to let go of anything you no longer need to carry and heal from the inside out.


No experience or pre-registrations is necessary. We do recommend arriving a little early to settle in.

Friday, April 19


Slow Flow with Lisa - 9am

Gentle Yoga with Kim - 5pm

Flow with the 80's with Renee - 7pm


Basic Yoga with Renee - 9am

Slow Flow with Tricia - 4:30pm

Slow Flow with Jaclyn - 6pm


Mobility Yoga with Ellen E. - 9:30am

Tone + Stretch with Rebecca - 4:30pm

Flow + Restore with Ellen W. - 6pm


Slow Flow with Lisa - 9am

Gentle Yoga with Kim - 5:30pm

Slow Flow with Maria - 7pm


Slow Flow with Jaclyn - 9am

Slow Flow with Tricia - 8am
Basic Yoga with Ellen W. - 9:30am 
Basic Yoga with Renee - 8am
Gentle Yoga with Michelle - 9:30am
Slow Flow with Maria - 11am

Weekly Schedule

Drop In Class - $14  •  6 Class Card - $65 (expires in one year)  •  1 Month Unlimited - $100

There is no online booking or pre-registration for classes. Just drop in at the studio!

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